Case Study

Copernicus Group


The Issue

Copernicus Group IRB, a top provider of services for clinical trials, inherited a single-story leased facility through one of its acquisitions. At the time we were engaged, there were more than four years left on the lease of nearly 33,000 square feet space. Steady growth over a decade in the legacy space resulted in an inefficient layout, outdated facility infrastructure, and poor internal workflow and communication. The business question was whether to stay in the current location and remodel the facility or relocate the entire headquarters.


The Solution

We began the process with a strategic planning session and formed a team of experts to execute the company’s vision for the space considering location, amenities, visibility, layout efficiency, and total cost. We worked closely with the executive team to identify key issues and retain the project goals of improving culture and attracting and retaining top talent, while rebranding the company.


The Benefit

The location selected for the new headquarters has resulted in an increase in employee satisfaction, improved recruitment, and has enhanced the Copernicus image as an industry leader.