Case Study

Duke Health Crooked Creek


The Issue

Duke Health’s physician practice group, “the PDC”, had visibility to grow clinics in the area within a one-mile radius of each other, yet none with visibility to grow their brand. This was also inefficient, and they saw an opportunity to make a strong statement in the area. They also saw the potential to harness the strength of its credit for their own benefit.


The Solution

The PDC partnered with Davis Moore’s healthcare practice group, leveraging our knowledge and experience in mitigating risk and executing projects. They are able to consolidate the facilities into a single top-of-the-line facility located on a site that offers location and prime visibility from I-40. The cost of the new facility is offset by efficiencies created through more efficient floor plans and staffing.


The Benefit

Davis Moore has worked hard to ensure a seamless project for the client, communicating freely, eliminating risk, and hitting project milestones on schedule. As a result, the PDC has seen millions of dollars of value creation from Davis Moore’s work and enjoyed a best-in-class facility.