Case Study

UNC Physicians Network at Polks Village


The Issue

UNC Healthcare’s Chatham Crossing (“UNC”) clinic serving the southern Chapel Hill community was experiencing significant growth but was also trying to increase brand awareness on a limited budget.

New providers had been moving into the area, and UNC wanted to make sure they were in a competitive location at a reasonable price. The best and most visible site was part of a larger development still in the planning stage, and would take some time before a building pad would even be ready. UNC needed a facility within a year.


The Solution

Davis Moore was selected as the developer for their building, and was able to develop a project that provided solid protection for UNC in the event the larger development did not proceed as planned. This enabled the project timeline to accelerate by 2 months, at lower costs, and in the end create a highly visible site with a competitive pricing structure. The solution also provided a 10 percent savings.


The Benefit

The UNC facility which fronts on US 15-501 has front row visibility from the high traffic-count location. Additionally, because this clinic is expected to grow, Davis Moore made sure the building and parking could be expanded at a future date by up to 40 percent so that UNC could avoid a costly relocation. This new primary care facility houses pediatrics and internal medicine, and has helped them capture additional market share in this growing area of northern Chatham County. It enhanced visibility for the system and ensures UNC more downstream revenue.

This project was completed in just nine months from lease execution to building completion and delivered on time and on budget.