We are the business people who make your ambulatory real estate needs a reality. Davis Moore Healthcare is organized to solve real estate problems for health systems and physician
practice groups.

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you are facing.

How can we serve you?

Is your real estate helping you attract new patients?

Have you outgrown your current facility?

Is your real estate a marketing tool for patients and new physician recruitment?

Do you regularly review peer data from other health systems and practice groups on the most current real estate approaches?

Is your practice interested in expanding into growing markets?

Are your clinics outdated and in need of repairs? Are you worried about the required capital?

Are your physicians profiting from your real estate portfolio?

Are any of your leases expiring within the next twenty-four months?

Does your real estate department proactively present savings strategies to management?

Does your system/practice identify and secure the most visible sites?

How can you avoid the risks of real estate development but capture all the upside of owning real estate?

Are you planning for a business event or future change?


We have the experience and best practice processes to represent you when navigating the world of commercial real estate all the while loving what we do.

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We own numerous ambulatory real estate facilities and have ample experience in this area. It’s our expertise and passion!

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We develop ambulatory facilities for healthcare system and physician practice groups. Years of this narrow focus has developed an expertise and efficient execution process that saves our clients money and time.

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