New Success in Cancer Treatment

December 11, 2020

RTP-based Istari Oncology is growing. The Duke University spinoff was founded five years ago and expects to add another 15 to 20 employees after success with their Polio Virus Sabin-Rhinovirus Poliovirus (PVSRIPO) treatment says the WRALTechWire.

PVSRIPO could treat a variety of solid tumors, previously thought of as untreatable, such as glioblastoma multiform, a deadly brain cancer.

President and CEO, Matt Stober, reveals that potential uses for the vaccine are versatile with minimal side-effects because most of the population have been vaccinated with the polio vaccine (the keystone of the PVSRIPO treatment), and its effects last the rest of your life.

“Along with eliminating the tumors, we want to make the treatment less impactful so patients have a better quality of life, that’s our mission.”