Case Study



The Issue

Oakland, CA-based Even, a platform that helps users monitor their financial health, wanted a Raleigh office to tap into the well-educated and affordable workforce. Even was originally a three-person team residing in a coworking space in Downtown Raleigh and have since grown their North Carolina office to more than 20 people. A startup with plans for continued rapid growth, there was also a need for a shorter-term lease, ideally 3-5 years.


The Solution

To align with company culture, Even placed an emphasis on rehab of a historic building, so we sought a local landlord whose portfolio was well known for their revitalization of historic spaces around Raleigh. In telling Even’s story, we met with a landlord who was excited about their prospective tenant and we were able to secure the best terms over a shorter duration lease.


The Benefit

With a great understanding of what Even was looking for and knowledge of local landlord goals for the market, we were able to create a strong relationship between all parties. Even is now positioned well in a unique space within a historic building, possessing a flexible lease and room to grow within the same property.