Case Study

One Source Communications


The Issue

One Source Communications is a leading provider of Communications Lifecycle Management for mid-market enterprises. The Greenville, NC-based telecom and IT services company sought a Raleigh, NC office to be a part of the strong business community and access the deep pool of tech talent available in the Triangle region.


The Solution

A team from Davis Moore Advisors moved quickly to match the accelerated timeline and found two potential spaces that aligned with their needs, either of which would serve One Source Communications’ needs well. Our advisors negotiated on behalf of the company and continued to drive competition between the top two options while advocating for the best financial alternative. During the negotiation process, One Source Communications experienced growth that necessitated an expansion almost immediately after the planned move-in date. This new space had different and specialized requirements from the primary space.


The Benefit

We quickly identified, negotiated, and closed on the primary space that met the company’s current needs, without tying them into a long-term lease that would have weighed against their growth potential. We were also able to negotiate an early expansion with competitive terms and secure the extra space needed within the same building, keeping both spaces coterminous.